Piper Stanmark Electric Company

Arvada, Colorado


Project Summary

Piper Stanmark Electric Company, a prominent service provider catering to both commercial and residential clients, has initiated a comprehensive expansion and renovation project within its existing operational infrastructure. Covering a substantial 30,000 square foot area, intelligently segmented into three distinct sections, with a dedicated focus on renovating 10,500 square feet of the facility. The meticulously planned renovation endeavors to redefine the essence of functionality and aesthetics, introducing a host of modernized amenities including a revamped reception area, a contemporary break room, well-appointed offices, specialized training facilities, technologically-equipped conference rooms, and optimized work areas. Notably, the project incorporates a strategic floor redesign to ensure seamless access to storage areas, complete with an accessible ramp, reflecting our commitment to fostering an inclusive and efficient work environment.



Piper Stanmark


Arvada, Colorado


30,915 SF (20,000 tenant portion)


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