dcb built FINE Airport Parking in 2017. The facility is magnificent and beautiful. It met all of our expectations as to what we had envisioned with a state-of-the-art, high-end parking facility. The facility is extremely unique and amazing. With a project of this magnitude, there were many challenges in the build and design throughout the project which were all handled and successfully overcome by dcb.

The facility is built on a 30-acre site a few miles south of Denver International Airport. The cost of the project was $40 million which included nearly $10 million investment in infrastructure.

The facility boasts a massive 700,000 square feet metal building which houses our indoor parking garage! It has 4 interior builds inside the garage…a 7,500 sf office building complete with meeting space, a 4,600 sf state-of-the-art detail shop, a 5,400 sf car wash & maintenance bay, and a 6,500 sf Grand Lobby.

It is not just the size of the facility or it’s unique design, it’s the attention to detail that makes everyone who comes to the facility feel as special and magnificent as the facility.

Thank you to dcb Construction for helping us carry out our vision and dream at FINE Airport Parking – Denver.

~ Charles Billera

President/ Chief Operating Officer, Fine Airport Parking

I want to take a moment to thank you all for your participation in building what Liz and I think is the most beautiful manufacturing facility on the planet. Never did I imagine RMR would go this far or that I would even consider building a facility for RMR. The employees love the facility too, I think they are as excited as Liz and I are. I can’t put into words how important it is to me as an owner to provide a safe and pleasant work environment for the RMR staff.


~ Phyllis Sordelet

CEO / Owner, Rocky Mountain Reagents

I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for DCB Construction Company, Inc., based on my experience with the Ficco Self Storage Facility in Arvada Colorado.

The Ficco Self Storage project was an 80,000 GSF project that included 5 separate buildings, along with 3.2acres of site preparation. I was involved with DCB during the design process and the construction phase. DCB worked with the City of Arvada to assist in obtaining the complicated entitlements leading up to the building permit. DCB also did a great job of keeping the project on schedule and on budget, and their expertise was a great tool for being able to confidently make decisions while going through the construction and design processes. The design and construction teams at DCB are very easy and open to work with and did a great job accommodating our requests and needs. I would like to express our confidence in DCB and our desire to work with them and their team on future projects.


~ Lou Ficco

Property Management / Construction, Lou-Mar Entities

On behalf of TMA Construction Supply, Denver, Colorado I am pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for dcb Construction Company. The design / build contract that we negotiated for our new building along with site improvements was of great advantage and minimized so many potential headaches. All duties were fulfilled, and the project was completed on time and budget for the amounts agreed to.

The on-site personnel of dcb Construction did a great job and performed quality work, were safety conscience, professional, cost, and schedule minded. The project workmanship was excellent, and any issues were addressed in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend dcb Construction Company to any organization and enjoyed the experience with their staff of professionals. We place our trust and confidence in dcb Construction to deliver a quality project on time and at a fair price.


~ Ron Tyner

Owner / Principal, TMA Construction Supply