Retail and Tenant Finish

Luke & Company


Project Summary

Luke and Company Fine Pet Supply & Outfitters recently revitalized a pre-existing building on Broadway, breathing new life into the space. The project involved a comprehensive restoration, renovation, and expansion, culminating in a 6,300 square foot commercial area.

The architectural design of the project mirrors the rustic charm of an old-fashioned service station. A standout feature is the 3-story glass barn front facing the street, serving as both a visual centerpiece and a unique identifier for the establishment. Additionally, a creatively designed stair silo at the rear enhances the structure’s aesthetic appeal.

This project blends tradition with innovation, preserving the location’s historical essence while incorporating modern elements. The result is a architectural and commercial masterpiece, honoring the area’s heritage while providing a welcoming space for pet enthusiasts and shoppers alike.


Project Type

Retail and Tenant Finish