ImageDrawing of new Loveland VA Health Clinic, Courtesy of the Cheyenne VA Medical Center

Architect: Hord Coplan Macht General Contractor: dcb Construction

Client: Epic Consulting

VA announced the opening of a new VA clinic in Loveland.

Veteran Affairs recently announced its plan to open a new VA clinic in Loveland that will provide better access to health care for veterans. The Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Health Care System disclosed that the clinic will serve more than 200 veterans a day and is scheduled to open in winter 2022, however, a specific date has not been announced.

In an interview with the Loveland Reporter-Herald, VA spokesman Sam House claimed the facility will be “a super VA clinic”, doubling the space of the current Loveland and Fort Collins clinics combined

The construction of the 75,645-square-foot medical clinic should begin by the summer of 2020, taking two years to complete.

Once the facility opens in 2022, the VA will shut down the clinic in Fort Collins. The process will be similar to the closing of the facility in Greely, which was shut down in 2018 after the opening of a larger clinic at 5200 Hahns Peak Drive in Loveland.

Currently, Fort Collins and Loveland have smaller VA clinics that don’t have X-ray or dental care services. In comparison to the future clinic, these facilities can only serve about half as many people. House also mentioned that the rough cost of the new center, which will employ about 200 staff members, will be $16 million.

For more information on the Cheyenne VA clinics and future facilities, visit the Cheyenne VA Medical Center’s website.