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When you select dcb Construction Company, Inc. for construction of your project, the following features and benefits are available to our clients:

Established in 1960

This year, dcb celebrates over 56 years of providing construction services to our customers.

Front Range Office

dcb is a Colorado-based company. Our original trade area, the Denver Metro area, is greatly served by having our office located in Denver. We believe that construction is a local business and is best served by local companies. Additionally, because of our centralized location, we are capable of providing competitive and dependable service virtually anywhere.


dcb is a design-build specialist. The design-build process is a dynamic, involving special experience, training, support and organization. Our long history of success translates into real value to our customers in the form of cost controls, desired building characteristics and timely occupancy dates. Our in-house staff of architects provide exceptional support and service which is unequaled in Colorado design-build construction.
Our experience in design-build construction projects is unrivaled in the Colorado Front Range area of Colorado. Because our employees are involved in the design-build process every day, they are trained and experienced in fast-track construction, building code analysis, alternative construction methods, teamwork, value engineering and customer service. Our in-house ability to utilize REVIT techniques gives us the opportunity to explore numerous design alternatives with respect to the Owner’s needs and budget considerations. Because of this, design changes can be quickly implemented when necessary.

Site Cast Tilt-Up Concrete

dcb is unique in that we have traditionally designed, poured, finished and erected our own site-cast concrete wall systems. While most general contractors subcontract this trade, dcb has committed to a higher level of quality control and efficiency by performing this trade with our own experienced personnel. This provides exceptional quality at a cost savings to our customers.

Construction Team

Each project constructed by dcb involves a construction team consisting of a business development representative, a project coordinator, a project manager, design professionals and a project superintendent. This team, through its experience and organization, allows for a check and balance system based upon customer needs including the construction budget, economical implication of changes, decisions affecting the schedule, working drawings and permit considerations.

Cost Control

Like most contemporary businesses, our company’s accounting functions are fully automated. We have a completely computerized accounting and job cost tracking system utilizing Timberline software. Although knowledge and control of the purchasing phase of construction is important, we believe the greatest value of our cost control system is associated with our style of design-build construction. We further believe that the project design will establish the construction cost. Our experience and organization allows for budget controls based on informative economic and scheduling considerations.

Schedule Control

The success of any project is ultimately measured by and centers around the ability of the contractor and its subcontractors and material suppliers to meet the construction schedule. It is a difficult task to coordinate the many project participants without communication and commitment by all. To that end, our project manager and superintendent, in conjunction with the subcontractors and suppliers, will create and commit to a CPM schedule prior to start of construction. The project schedule is monitored by the project manager during its creation and is reviewed, revised and approved to meet the project requirements. Since subcontractors and suppliers participate and contribute to the CPM schedule, communication is enhanced and a commitment is understood. Subcontracts are written based on committed schedules. The detailed schedule is then posted and monitored daily.

Quality Control

Assuring that the in-place construction is of a superior quality level requires special discipline, organization and commitment. We believe that since most trades are performed by specialized subcontractors, the screening and selection of each subcontractor on the basis of their skill, reputation, experience, financial strength, insurance coverage, bonding capacity and organization will greatly enhance the final in-place construction quality. Material suppliers are selected in much the same manner due to similar influence on the quality of the work. Guidelines are established with each material supplier prior to delivery. Inspection policies and procedures are defined and adhered to. Finally, formal weekly job site meetings that include safety, schedule and quality control are mandatory. Weekly formal inspections of the on-going construction are conducted which include the entire design-build team.

Safety Program

Our company has been a member-at-large of the Associated Builders and Contractors since 1972. As a founding member of The Rocky Mountain Chapter of ABC, we have endorsed and adopted the organization’s “Construction Site Safety Program”. dcb has been recognized by the Associated Building Contractors for its leadership in the area of safety and has been the recipient of the S.T.E.P. Award each year since 1993. We are extremely proud of our safety record and continue to be vigilant in our efforts to provide the safest possible conditions on our projects.


Warranty and call-backs are part of any service company. dcb takes pride in our record of prompt service when our customers call with a problem, often long after traditional warranty periods have expired.